Stop wasting my time with “Two India”

Stop wasting my time with “Two India”

There is a lot of talk about “Two India”, “India v/s Bharat”, “Rural v/s Urban”. “Secular v/s Communal”, etc.

Stop wasting my time with this. Have you heard about that filmi phrase, “Unity in Diversity”? Have you really heard it? Diversity. This term does not imply dichotomy. It does not imply black & white, good & bad, etc but implies a many many many differences. We are diverse. Very diverse. Get it into your minds.

There are many faces to a issues, there are many ways Indians look at an issue. There are no Two, but five, hundred or million Indias. Till we really grasp this, no problem will every get addressed because we will never really understand a problem.

Dinker Charak

Dinker has over a decade of experience in building products across diverse domains as Industrial Automation, Home Automations, Operating Systems, High Energy Particle Physics, Embedded Systems, Online Video Advertising, Messaging, K-12 education and Private Banking. He also founded Gungroo Software. His books #ProMa, Absolute and None & The Murmurs of the Dawn are available on Amazon.
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