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Let us see where it goes (008) – Software Metrics – Podcast

A technologist and a product manager talk about:
• Metrics, ones to care about and ones to stay away from

00:00 The Eights podcast
01:42 Output Metrics
07:53 Outcome Metrics
08:42 DORA’s DevOps 4KM
11:52 Business Outcome Metrics
22:21 Outcome Metrics During Pre-Prod Stage
26:30 Meta / Derived Metrics
28:14 Building Better Business Cases for IT Investments (See Below)
34:30 4 Key Metrics Categories for Business Outcomes
38:04 Why Vanity Metrics Matter
48:54 Future topics
51:14 A Digression on “RAG” (Red, Amber, Green)

Notes & Mentions:
• We use the term ProMa as short for Product Management
• Martin Fowler on measuring productivity:
• Sachin on how dysfunctional metrics kill agile transformations:
• Making Numbers Count by Chip Health:
• Ward, John; Daniel, Elizabeth; and Peppard, Joe (2008) “Building Better Business Cases for IT Investments,” MIS Quarterly Executive: Vol. 7 : Iss. 1 , Article 3. Available at:

• Views expressed are our own and do not necessarily reflect that of our employer
• Dinker Charak:
• Sachin Dharmapurikar:

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