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Let us see where it goes (009) – Dysfunctional Metrics & Recommendations – Podcast

A technologist and a product manager talk about:
• Dysfunctional metrics and a recommended approach

00:00 The Ninth podcast
05:13 On transformation
07:34 On velocity
18:25 Goodhart’s Law
19:15 Hawthorne effect
20:04 No OKR, No Metrics
20:16 Metrics Lead to Trade-offs
29:04 On Burn-Up and Burn-Down
32:08 On Cycle Time
34:26 Recommendations
35:25 DORA 4 Key Metrics of DevOps
36:08 + 3 Key Metrics of Excellence
36:08 + 4 Key Categories of Business Outcomes
43:56 Juxtapoistioning Tech and Business Metrics
45:51 Line-of-sight from Tech and Business Metrics is Complex in Enterprises
53:34 Future topics
56:17 Vanity Metrics Again

Notes & Mentions:
• We use the term ProMa as short for Product Management
• Sachin on how dysfunctional metrics kill agile transformations:
• Charles Goodhart (whose 1975 article led to the adage of Goodhart Law)
• Jason Fried (Founder, CEO of 37signals):
• Henry A. Landsberger (coined Hawthorne effect)
• Thomas Sowell (stated ‘No solutions, only trade-offs’)
• LUSWIG Episode 008 for Business Outcome:

• Views expressed are our own and do not necessarily reflect that of our employer
• Dinker Charak:
• Sachin Dharmapurikar:

Dinker Charak

Dinker has over a decade of experience in building products across diverse domains such as Industrial Automation, Home Automation, Operating Systems, High Energy Particle Physics, Embedded Systems, Online Video Advertising, Messaging, K-12 education and Private Banking. He also founded Gungroo Software. He books '#ProMa: Product Management Tools, Methods & Some Off-the-wall Ideas' and 'The Neutrinos Are Coming and Other Stories' are available globally. He also manages, an Indian Sci-fi portal.