Story in a Tweet #12

“Now we’re all over the globe. Ecology is stressed, but we’ll fix that. It’s time to explore globes across the space. United as one Venturians!”

All cheered.

Meanwhile unaware, the farmer worried scab spreading to other apples, poured DDT on their dreams.

Story in a Tweet #11

“He just talks his ideas, not annotate, cite & quote. Supports heathen oral traditions. Next he’ll say burn books? His campaign is nixed,” said the Scitizen Judge.

In the times when Science is the state religion, not authoring books nixed run for public office.

Story in a Tweet #10

“Officer, I know who’s the killer. It’s not me, but … See I was a child delinquent. With help & love, I got better. I am now a CEO. Then this coach came & told us to let our inner child free. I did. I know who’s the killer. It’s not me but my inner child.”

Story in a Tweet #9

It was the only mistake she ever made. Now she was being blackmailed for it.

“But how did you find out?”

“I known your dark side like I know mine” said the blackmailer, a multiverse hopping physicist scum who loved to blackmail her own alt universe selves.

Story in a Tweet #8

“Won’t buy bathtub. Everytime I get in, waters spills”

“Fill only till the level it comes to when you step out. And 20% off”

Later: Don’t fill till top. Leave for my body. Body same as spilled? Oh wait!

Tub seller saw & thought: “Joker! Running naked yelling EUREKA”

Story in a Tweet #7

I run the sooty late night bus route. I ferry the tired, the scums, late shifters with broken-backs, the sinners, the coders, dreamers, insomniacs, the afraid. Ones the suity bosses won’t know or care for. Actually, the bosses don’t even know me or my secret bus route

Story in a Tweet #6

The sun, the earth and the moon are in perfect alignment. A total eclipse. Only today scitizens are allowed to play songs like Total Eclipse of the Heart by @BonnieTOfficial. In the times when Science is the state religion, using an scientific term in vain is a sin.