Monthly Archives: Jan 2016

On Black Holes

Formation The black hole is result of the death of a star (Though it is […]

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The Neutrinos Are Coming!

The Scientist-Poet The scientific community never liked one of their own straying into world of […]

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If Nothing Divides Like Religion, Then What Else?

“Nothing divides like religion.” “Everyone is broad minded as long as you do not say […]

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Startup Hiring Tips – The Golden Rule

Take a long time to hire, but if needed let go very fast Hiring key members […]

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Startup As A Lifestyle

I rarely attend startup events these days. I used to attend them few years back […]

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Failing Since 2012 – Startup Lessons

Previously on ‘Failing Since 2012’  E01, E02, E03, E04, E05, Dinker Charak, Founder of Roo Kids app, talked about his startup journey. […]

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