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Seasons in India

It is common to say that there are 4 seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter). […]

Story in a Tweet #12

“Now we’re all over the globe. Ecology is stressed, but we’ll fix that. It’s time […]

Story in a Tweet #11

“He just talks his ideas, not annotate, cite & quote. Supports heathen oral traditions. Next […]

Story in a Tweet #10

“Officer, I know who’s the killer. It’s not me, but … See I was a […]

Story in a Tweet #9

It was the only mistake she ever made. Now she was being blackmailed for it. […]

Story in a Tweet #8

“Won’t buy bathtub. Everytime I get in, waters spills” “Fill only till the level it […]

Story in a Tweet #7

I run the sooty late night bus route. I ferry the tired, the scums, late […]

Story in a Tweet #6

The sun, the earth and the moon are in perfect alignment. A total eclipse. Only […]