The more
I share,
The more
I learn.

An online home for my notes around Startups, Product Management, Physics, Philosophy and finally my books.



Based on my experience of working for startups that went from 0 to 100 and failed attempt at mine: Gungroo and our key product Roo Kids App

Product Management

Based on my experience of building products for Operating Systems, High Energy Physics, Online Video Ads, Messaging Apps and Digital Platform


Based on my interest in subjects like Philosophy, Physics, Being Hindu, Team Building, Management and many other random topics I have


#ProMa Book Cover


Product Management Tools, Methods and Some Off-the-wall Ideas

The Murmurs of the Dawn: Short stories and science fictions - Kindle Edition

The Murmurs of the Dawn

Collection of short stories and science fictions

Absolute and None

Absolute and None

Another collection of short stories and science fictions

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